Thursday, April 2, 2009


Six years ago while I still lived in Manhattan, I was looking on for a dog. I knew I wanted a Rottie and I searched for almost 10 months to find the right dog. One day I found a listing that caught my eye, a female. When I got to the shelter they told me she had been euthanized that morning. While I was waiting for confirmation on this (I had the hope she had been moved or adopted) I noticed another dog, whose “time” at the shelter had already been extended. His intense gaze and goofy face struck me and I soon realized that HE was the dog I was actually meant to find!

This 75lb, one year old, intact male Rottweiler (mix?) got in the Taxi with me. I named him Bodhi (after a favorite books store in LA; Bodhi Tree Books). Having been a stray and spending nearly a month in the little cage, he had need of lots of training. I did my research and we trained diligently. At some point during his first year with me he seemed to transform from into a big ol goofy lovebug! Manhattan was like bootcamp for dog training (anything that COULD happen, did). We soon moved to California where we enjoy the trails of Redwood Park in the Oakland hills.

Looking back, I feel certain that fate took over in order to get me to that shelter that day to rescue him at the 11th hour. Some would say he’s a lucky dog, but I feel I am the truly luck one! I am grateful for him every single day!

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