Thursday, April 9, 2009


I am often asked how I came to specialize in 'pet portraiture'... and although I have always had a passion for photography and strong connection with animals, I think the two really merged when my cat Valencia was diagnosed with cancer. We had a very special connection. I had a gazillion snapshots of him. But I had a panicky feeling that I wanted something 'deeper', something more of his essence that I could remember him by in photos. So I spent the last 6 months of his life documenting him, and all the little 'parts' that I wanted to remember. As we'd lay there I would think "how will I remember this little wet nose, or the how he tucks when he sleeps"...

I believe that is where my passion for abstract 'pet parts' emerged, not just pet portraits. I love doing portraits, but I believe that those little parts speak to those of us that love our pets. The ears, the nose, the eyes, the tail, the paws... We feel them in these photos.

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