Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Maxima seems to like rituals. Every morning she goes over to Bodhi and he licks her ears and cleans her up. Then she meanders over to this stool and surveys the land below. The window faces the Port of Oakland. The last place we lived was ground level on a fairly busy foot traffic street in the Jack London District of Oakland. I swear she had a fan club! People would always stop to say hello to the kitty in the window! In fact, some people visited her daily and if she didn't make her appearance I would find notes on my door from complete strangers expressing concern about where the kitty was! Maxima loved the attention. When we first moved here I felt bad that she would not have the same window world of our last place since we are now in a third floor level loft. But she seems very happy. She watches the action in the port, the cars and trains below and even birds flying by. She smells the air. This is one of her happy places.

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