Monday, April 6, 2009

A sneak peak - Kirby

I am looooving this warm weather! Makes me think of a session I did recently, well, actually it was two sessions; one in the studio and one on location. And what a location it was! We had the Golden Gate Bridge as a backdrop! Kirby's adoring parents wanted the classic look of studio shots and the beauty of a classic location. So we did both! It's really a treat for me to photograph the same subject in studio and on location because each has it's unique feel. I am often asked which I prefer... I honestly don't have one preference, I love both! During the wet winter months we did our studio shoot and a little while later, once the weather improved, we scheduled our outdoor location. What fun! ( Oh by the way, speaking of great outdoor locations... Kirby's parents told me about a dog friendly camp that sounds way to fun! Check it out: Camp Winnaribbun in Tahoe!)

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