Friday, June 12, 2009

A Bodhi Update....

Thank you to everyone for your support! There are so many people asking for updates that I thought I'd better make an update...

Bodhi is in excellent spirits, has a healthy appetite and good bowel movements (I only mention that because I anticipate that to be the next hurdle). I have had a chance to 'digest' the events of the last week and am feeling calmer and more accepting of the situation (until it changes, of course). I actually had an animal communicator session yesterday and it was interesting. According to her, Bodhi is in no pain and has no complaints about all that is going on. Although she says his heart aches, for me. Bodhi wants to get back to our routine (longer walks! which were restricted due to his torn ligament, which seems to have healed nicely on it's own). Everything she said rang very true and there were no 'revelations', only some useful information like he needs to pee more frequently than I am aware of and he would like tastier food. Also worth noting, she asked him if he had cancer and he said no. Hmmnnn... food for thought there... we are definitely going to seek a second opinion from a holistic based doctor. In the meantime, he is doing very well!

I am also wishing I were a more domesticated woman these days and that I would have learned to sew! I've been struggling to make him an outfit (for lack of a better term) that protects the catheter and allows him to NOT wear the e-collar (which cuts right into the sore on his neck - ouch!). After several modifications and a huge learning curve he now sports his new get-up... :-)

Thank you for checking in on us! For those of you curious or interested in the animal communicator her name is Barbara Martin. Her email is and her web site is


  1. i wonder what he has to say abt his gramalinda?
    love that dog...

  2. All dog-moms and dog-dads know that poop info is an invaluable health indicator; we all rejoice with you that Bodhi still has "good bowel movements"!! Gotta love that boy!!